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The overall aim of the service is to provide recovery, harm reduction and user involvement. We achieve this by delivering:

A recovery orientated, life changing drug and alcohol treatment system, bespoke to the needs of the individual.

A single, recovery focused, assessment process, with individual recovery planning and support with regular interviews.

A programme that contributes towards the development of a system which will offer individuals and families a choice of seamless, accessible and relevant services which enables them to work towards recovery.

Calderdale Recovery Steps allows you to be in control of your own journey. You have the option of receiving treatment and support in one of our local ‘Recovery Hubs’ in Halifax or Todmorden, or in your own GP Practice. You will be able to choose the best place for your treatment and journey to begin. We have a new Single Point Of Access (SPOA) telephone number that provides total support for current and potential service users, as well as a one-stop enquiry service.

The advisors are able to provide expert advice on issues effecting you, including how you can refer yourself or someone you know into the service, as well as being able to re-arrange appointments, sort out prescription issues, and provide information on issues including re-lapse prevention, harm reduction advice, housing issues, support groups, benefits advice and information, family support, and activities you can get involved in. They will also be able to sort out appointments to see specialist workers that can offer more support.

Our Harm Reduction & Open Access Team works with people delivering needle exchange, brief and extended intervention, and support and delivery of breakfast clubs. The team also deliver training to community and emergency services across Calderdale to ensure the message gets out about the service.

A new Meet and Greet function run by Peer Mentors and Volunteers engages and motivates people the first time they walk through the door, and provides support during an individual’s treatment journeys.

The Assessment & Navigation programme will work with people for up to 16 week. This will engage people when they are ready for recovery and move them through at a rate that is suitable to them. This also includes access to our Fast Track Recovery Programme which will provide Rapid Detox and Aftercare support.

Our service for young people, Branching Out, provides confidential alcohol, drug and tobacco advice and support for anyone under the age of 21 in Calderdale. We work with young people who are using alcohol, drugs, tobacco or solvents at any level, and those at risk of using substances, including standalone stop smoking services for under 18’s.

We provide honest, accurate advice and information, and support young people to achieve their goals. This includes one to one support, positive activities, clinical treatment, advocacy, C-card, Chlamydia screening, and signposting.

In January 2019 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected our service. Click here to read their report.


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